Choose the right security

This is important since you are not selecting a candy that you can throw if you don’t like it. Choosing the proper protection holds utmost importance since the matter of life and wealth majorly depends upon it. Guard us ensures quality and above all, safety. However, to make sure you are selecting Guard us as the right security provider, some questions may arise in your mind such as:

  • Is the company I am dealing with insured?
  • Do the security guards hold a license?
  • When required, would the company provide services like lockups or light checks?
  • Are all guards monitored actively?
  • Does the company provide references?
  • Am I going to receive reports of incidents on the property?
  • What training did the guards get and how much qualified are they?
  • Is the company 24 hours reachable should any emergency occur?

We understand your concerns, and we profoundly accept criticism. These are the most common questions that we usually skip before hiring a security firm. However, to mention, these are to remind you of your rights. The answer to these questions may be as:

  • Guard us is an insured security firm that hires, and trains qualified and licensed security guard and team.
  • No illegal means are used to sell our services, all pathways of security highly checked.
  • Guard us will provide any or all the services required to keep the agreement (that is to secure you and your property).
  • Our customer relations office is open 24 hours for service, and all queries considered with the high alert.
  • A file will be provided to you at the beginning of agreement of all security guards to give you best idea of what and who these guards are.
  • Despite sending guards/team for your security, all our employees are continually guarded by our head security team to ensure safety.
  • References are provided on an urgent basis if they are required.

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