Security Guard in Vancouver


Guard Us Security Services is dedicated to providing security services and peace of mind to our clients. Whether you need a patrol officer to safeguard your job site, you want a security guard stationed at the entrance of an apartment building, you’re trying to prove misconduct within the workplace or your marriage, or you’re looking for personal protection, Guard Us has your back.

We work with everyone from individuals going through a divorce, owners of large enterprises, attorneys who need expert testimonies to win a case, and businesses wishing to conduct background checks on potential employees.

Guard Us provides a full range of security guard services. Our security guard are experienced, knowledgeable, professionally-trained experts

GuardUS provides professional site security guard services for; Fire and Equipment watch, Loss Prevention, Construction sites, Parking Enforcement, Shopping centers / Retail stores, Warehouses, Industrial facilities, Shipping yards, Educational Institutes, Offices, high-rise Residential building, Healthcare facilities and Hotel

  1. Guard Services

We understand the provision of extraordinary security is not just about having the right people for the job. It is about having specifically specialized professionals to execute the plans necessary. At Guard us, we will meet all your every post needs with our exceptional security and strategic staffing model. You get to customize skills and attributes that you are looking for in each position to make you feel confident and secure. We offer a variety of guard services to assist you in customizing a security solution that fits your pocket and environment.

  1. Security Officers

Basic Security Officer Training Course

Before being welcomes as an individual from our organization, all forthcoming Security Officers should effectively entire our Basic Security Officer Training course (BSOT). This 40-hour course covers the essential abilities required to prevail in their part, including emergency or crisis response strategies, patrolling, law and fire security, notwithstanding various themes.

Task-Based Training Course

All Security Officers at Guard us get propelled training that depends on their site task. For instance, Healthcare Security Officers get an extra 40 – 120 long stretches of social insurance particular preparing, contingent upon the kind of office, before being appointed to their site.


Site Training and Orientation

While beginning off with a more proficient and qualified Security Officer is essential, it doesn’t help if they touch base at your office with no comprehension of what they should do. Guard us utilizes the most progressive and state-of-the-art techniques for recording and conveying particular site introduction preparing at each site that we secure.

Security-Based Educational Programs

As a part of our organization’s duty to the continuous education and training of our staff, we have made wellbeing and security-based course educational programs that are unmatched anyplace else in the security business. We trust that instruction is the premise of an exceptionally talented security group, and we empower the majority of our staff to effectively take an interest in the more significant part of the continuous instructional classes that we offer. By guaranteeing that training is a pre-imperative for headway, we empower our professionals to extend their points of view through extra training, which are all given at no cost to our group.

On the off chance that positive and ensured benefit is imperative to your genuine feelings of serenity, at that point Guard Us Security is the correct decision for you. Get in touch with us today to discover how Guard us can increase the value of your association.

  1. Loss Prevention

Guard us’ Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) division is the foundation of our retail security program. To deal with the dangers related to this sort of work, we ceaselessly update our training, approaches, and techniques to guarantee they are the most stringent in the business. Our officers prepare broadly in willful consistency. With an emphasis on settling arrest circumstances without the utilization of power, we can essentially diminish the danger of damage and risk to our customers and staff. Guard us’ LPOs are altogether ensured in the accompanying training programs:



Non-violent Crisis Intervention

Spotlights on the relational abilities required to increase willful consistency from people who are acting nonsensically. This incorporates Demonstrating Respect, Empathic Listening, and Setting and Enforcing Limits.

Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum

LPOs oversee forceful conduct through non-violent techniques. Initially created to address hostility in a clinical setting, it furnishes LPOs with a particular arrangement of abilities to utilize while interfacing with rationally sick people.

Propelled Security Training

LPOs have an order of a full range of hostility administration issues, including Criminal Code segments, the National Use of Force system, and the best possible utilization of control strategies methods.

PPCT Defensive Tactics

Like Advanced Security Training, this course is intended for cops and diagrams the most proper approach for LPOs to take when managing a forceful or resistant individual when working alone.

Guard us Response Options Training

This recertification program requires LPOs to show competency in correspondence, hypothesis and viable ways to deal with the administration of animosity.

Word related First Aid Level One

This course covers scene evaluation, Priority Action Approach, and lifesaving methods, and gives LPOs abilities required to mediate in a lifesaving occasion.

  1. Mobile Patrols

Do you require your property checked consistently to dissuade criminal action and guarantee that all is secure? Maybe doors must be bolted or opened at particular circumstances, or primary measures checked occasionally? For condominiums, industrial parks, office building, construction sites, strip malls, warehouse facilities and parking lots, Guard us’ portable watch checks are the brilliant arrangement wherever it is fetched restrictive to have a Security Officer positioned full-time on the premises.

Well maintained security with mobile patrol supervisors

Our exceedingly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors will go to your site well maintained and in marked security vehicles — at pre-assigned circumstances or on an arbitrary premise — to guarantee that your property is secure. Utilizing best in class handheld PCs, they’ll electronically record when they touched arrive at your office, where checked and when they cleared out.

Guard us will then make all security reports accessible to you continuously through our customer online interface and email all of you Incident Reports as they happen.


Should our Mobile Patrol Supervisors discover anything strange while at your office, our security experts will manage the circumstance given pre-settled upon directions and episode acceleration conventions? We will then archive the case through an Incident Report which will instantly message to your contact delegates with the goal that you have entirely advised all things considered. Contingent upon the idea of the episode, we will likewise catch up individually at an event or on the exact next business day to guarantee that you are pleased with the aftereffects of our endeavors.

  1. Supervisory and support structure

We assist our customers and our staff with the accompanying support functions and supervisory to guarantee that they get a definitive in assurance.


Customer Service Managers

Customer Service Managers regulate Guard us’ services and are primarily liable for the security program.

Guard us’ after-hours service and management agents who are a vital part of the quality procedure inside our organization. They are a portable asset, and their sole design is to help our Security Officers in the field, with the goal that we are continually meeting our customer’s desires.

Operations Supervisors

Working out of our Operation Centers they guarantee that the full weight of Guard us’ supervisory and assist assets coordinated towards your office. Operational Supervisors likewise manage short notice book-offs and other quick staffing prerequisites that may come up, for example, other Officer necessities amid crisis circumstances.

Zone Supervisors

Zone Supervisors are the highest positioning formally dressed Officers in the organization, and their motivation is to regulate and assist our Security Officers in the field.

Portable Supervisors

Portable Supervisors react to episodes and issues that may happen at our locales and help the on-location Security Officers and Supervisors in conveying the occurrence to a definite conclusion.

Site Supervisors

Site Supervisors lead the security program at each site they allocated to and guarantee that all Security Officers convey the remarkable administration Guard us is renowned for.

Shift Supervisors

Shift Supervisors work amid the hours when Site Supervisors are not on the obligation to guarantee supervision and support are coherent.

  1. Systems Technology
  2. Access control systems

With regards to access and interruption identification frameworks, Guard us offers end-to-end and complete service. This implies we configure, execute, introduce and benefit our security frameworks, which brings about more effectiveness, security, and accommodation for you.


Access control is a financially savvy method for conceding or confining access to those clients or workers who are approved to approach your premises.


Dissimilar to keys which work 24-hours every day, “credentials” can limit access to specific circumstances of the day for particular clients, and can even program your access system to stimulate a series of events.


At the point when a key is lost or stolen, organizations are frequently on the snare for conceivably large expenses to rekey.


We make it our business to know building and fire codes. We comprehend building movement stream and the guidelines of non-restricted egress.

  1. Alarm systems

Try not to get tricked into suspecting that two door contacts and a movement indicator are adequate to ensure your property’s security. There are many alarm dealers out there who will be more intrigued in selling a monitoring contract. Keep in mind, even an “essential” framework ought to incorporate contacts on every single available door and windows, and also interior or “space” insurance to distinguish development inside the premises when the system equipped.

  • State-of-the-art interactive control
  • Outdoor Perimeter and Area Protection
  • ULC Listed Installations and monitoring
  • Immediate response
  • Rapid deployment force
  • Minimum hassle and maximum flexibility
  1. Video Services

At the point when incorporated with exceptionally trained officers, Guard us’ leading video frameworks to empower a more elevated amount of assurance and relieve hazard, all while expanding cost productivity. How? Video can give more caution than some other means. It’s viable and subtle. What’s more, it mitigates another critical hazard – the lawful one. Video gives chronicled and evidentiary help to you, because of a slip-and-fall that outcomes in a claim can at times be as harming as a fire or a burglary.

However, what makes us stand out amongst all other security firms regarding video services? Let’s list them all down:

  • Real-time visual verification
  • Top-notch CCTV System Technology
  • Next Generation Monitoring Technology
  • Customized Video Security
  • Mobile video access
  • Proper Video Analytics
  • Noise motion
  1. Home Security

We understand how important home security is and that is the reason we conduct consultations individually with an on-site assessment. Our team will look at your property and individual needs carefully by not breaching your privacy by any means. The physical layout, alarm systems, and lifestyle will be assessed to provide seamless security. If required, we might need to change or install proper alarm systems for your protection. Your property will be backed up and monitored at all times with comprehensive warranties.

  • Rapid Emergency Response
  • No fixed term contracts
  • Essential life safety devices
  • 34/7 monitoring
  • Pet-Friendly systems
  1. Operations centers

Guard us is 24 hours and seven days a week available. We do not take off in providing our security services nor do our security team. We are one of those few security firms who operate their own 24-hour ULC-listed operation centers/customer service. These states are established to ensure security integration program by considering all and various response protocols.

Minimum of fifteen customer service representatives is available in the Operations center to answer your queries and resolve them. We are not bound by day or night because our customer service is available 24 hours a day.

Spread out two Operations Centers located in Vancouver and Burnaby. We use updated and most advanced technology not only for security but operations center as well. All high-end products, systems, and software are used to ensure top quality outcomes.

  1. Investigations and Risk Management

Our risk and investigations management team know their way out and understand all that is essential. Our studies are variable in scope from wire fraud, insurance fraud, corporate research, competitive intelligence and criminal investigations and many more.

We specialize in providing:

  • Open Source Analysis with effective intelligence gathering techniques
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover operations
  • Interviewing/interrogation
  • Litigation support with proper background investigations
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Intellectual property
  • Injury/long-term disability
  • HR Pre-Screening
  • VIP and Executive Protection
  • Labor Disputes
  1. Investigation Request

*Form for Investigation Request*

  1. Emergency management and BusinessContinuity

We will keep your critical operation functional even in drought conditions. Our team is qualified, skilled and trained to strengthen the performance of your business and life without being concerned about the security. Because with Guard us, your security concerns are ours.

Natural disasters are definite, and there is no power on this earth to undo them. Health pandemics, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, power outages and any other emergencies that are frequent and could devastate your organization’s reputation can be planned with Guard us. Our team is trained to be prepared about natural consequences and to keep you and your property safe at all times.